What motivated the Arizona shooter?

Going further down this page you can learn more about an incident that took place on November 5, 2009, in Fort Hood, Texas, when an army psychiatrist went on a rampage and killed 13 people and wounded 30 others. It doesn't seem that long ago. For weeks the media talked about the incident and raised the question what motivated the shooter to do these things. For weeks they interviewed psychiatrists, psychologists, mental health specialists, doctors, professors, etc., etc and tried to come up with answers why a person could do such a thing.

But there were no answers and for this reason we addressed the issue on this website in the hope that people would come to know the natural spirit that controls and motivates every man, woman and child.

Since the shooting in Arizona, where six people were killed, the media again conducted numerous interviews and asked the same questions of people who gave answers with worldly wisdom (1 Cor. 2:4-7) and once again there were no answers. Ten days after the incident a CNN reporter still asked the question: What motivated this young man?

It should be noted that on the day of the shooting in Arizona there were twenty seven people killed in Acapulco, Mexico. Fourteen bodies that were found had been decapitated. A week later over six hundred people died in Brazil in mud slides and there was flooding in the Philippines and Sri Lanka. At the same time an area the size of France and Germany was under water in Australia. The media in fact refers to it as being of biblical proportions and little do they know that it is. For a better understanding we invite you to read the article Julia Gillard ~ Prime Minister of Australia on this website

Please remember that every time there is a shooting in the USA that results in the killing of people, gun sales go up at a dramatic rate. When you live in a country where almost everybody carries a gun, people should not be surprised when they are occasionally used by people who have the wrong intentions. The shooting in Arizona will not be the last one. While the media is still trying to determine what made Jerad Loughner pull the trigger in Tucson, two police officers were killed while on duty in Miami on January 20, 2011, and not a word was hardly even mentioned.

As the media continues to ask the questions: Why – What – Where – When - How on just about every issue, the answers are very simple.

The Word of God is a discerner of all things (Hebrews 4:12) and the answer to every question can be found in the Bible. For this reason we invite all readers to study all of the pages and articles of this website that they may come to the acknowledging of the truth (1 Tim. 2:4). When they do, God will open their eyes and ears, that they may see and hear and come to the understanding that all things are spiritual (1 Cor. 2:15; 1 Cor. 15:44). They will also come to know that we indeed are living in a time of the history of mankind - as it was in the days of Noah described in Matthew 24:37-39.

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