100 Huntley Street - Crossroad

Our local paper reported on Jul 3, 2009 that Ron and Reynold Mainse, sons of founder David Mainse of 100 Huntley Street, had been asked to step down while Crossroads' board of directors reviewed their business dealings with Gordon Driver. In May, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission obtained a court order halting an alleged Ponzi scheme by Gordon Driver, a dual resident of Hamilton, Ontario and Las Vegas. In its complaint, the SEC alleged Driver solicited friends, neighbours and business acquaintances to invest in his company, Axcess Automation.

For a better understanding of the history of 100 Huntley Street and the foundation it was built on, we invite you to review the article 100 Huntley Street - Crossroad listed on this website.

Along with many other articles it will give the readers a better understanding who the false prophets and false Christs are that the Bible refers to in Matthew 24:24. The article also confirms who the false apostles are who have transformed themselves into the apostles of Christ as spoken of in 2 Cor. 11:13-15.

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