Fort Hood, Texas Shootings and other News Items of this past week

Once again we heard the big question on the news wire; Why, Why would an army psychiatrist go on a rampage and kill 13 people and wound 30 others? Less than a week later the media reported how a man along with four sons had been charged after a woman told investigators how she and other siblings had been sexually abused in a way that is even unthinkable to imagine. Three of those charged were even lay ministers in the Community of Christ church. The media also reported this morning that over 200 million children under the age of 5 are starving and that every six seconds a child dies from hunger.

By reading all of the pages and articles of this website you no longer have to walk in darkness as it will give you answers to all of the above and explain the spirit of mankind.

By reading just a few recent news items like the ones above, it should be clear in the minds of most people that this is not God's Kingdom the religions of this world speak of. So, whose Kingdom is this - where there are wars, pestilences, diseases, hunger and starvation and where people do things that are unimaginable? And what about God's plan for mankind and His Kingdom, where does this God fit into all this?

Once again and as mentioned before, this website will serve as a guide how anyone can come to know the true and living God that turns to Him in truth. Through the journey of repentance He will open your eyes and provide you with answers, not only to the above questions but also any questions you may have had in the past. Above all He will reveal Himself to you and show how this whole world has been deceived (Rev. 12:9).

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