Glenn Beck, Fox Agree to Divorce

(Howard Kurtz, April 6, 2011)

Despite his monster ratings, Fox News is bidding farewell to Glenn Beck as tensions between the incendiary host and the top-rated cable news channel have led to a near-total divorce.

I say near-total because the two sides announced a deal today in which Beck's production company will produce occasional content for Fox. But insiders say this will amount to a handful of specials and that many senior Fox executives are relieved to be rid of Beck, whose ratings have dropped 40 percent.

Beck, too, has tired of the friction with Fox and is said by people close to him to be happy to end the partnership.

Whatever the genesis, for Beck to give up his daily 5 p.m. program, which at its peak drew more than 2.5 million viewers, is a case study in how even the most successful broadcast personalities can become too hot to handle.

In the end, the man who drew a huge crowd to the Lincoln Memorial, but also became a lightning rod after calling President Obama a racist, lasted less than three years as a daily Fox host. More than 300 advertisers fled the Beck show, but he still delivered a huge lead-in audience for Bret Baier and others who followed him on the Fox lineup.

The above news about the demise of the Glenn Beck show should come as no surprise to those who have followed our communication with Glenn Beck and his associates at Fox News for the last two years.

We wrote him the following on April 7, 2009.

"Like all the other people we have contacted in the past, let it be known that there will come a day that you will know with absolute certainty that we brought you a message of truth. Consider what would happen if you lost UPS as one of the sponsors for your show or what would happen if The Fox Network and CNN would lose their major sponsors and advertisers. Trust me it will happen and when it does, people will look back and wished they had listened to our voice."

Again, we wrote him the following on December 3, 2009.

"In summary, please be advised that the Glenn Beck show is an abomination in God's eyes and while you use great swelling words of vanity, you deceive all those that tune into your program. They do not know that you are a well without water, a cloud that is carried with a tempest; to whom the mist of darkness is reserved for ever."

It should be noted that the News Managers at Fox and CNN received copies of all of our e-mails to their respective reporters, including Larry King, Piers Morgan, Wolf Blitzer, Bill O'Reilly, Sean Hannity, etc., etc., for the last two years.

The demise of the Glenn Beck show is no coincidence and for a better understanding of future implications for the media industry, including CNN, CBS, ABC, NBC, and all of society, we invite you to read the articles Glenn Beck ~ Fox News, Bill O'Reilly ~ Fox News, Wilmington, Ohio and Influence of the Media, listed on this website.

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