Anthropologists detail discovery of earliest American remains

Researchers and scientists recently announced the discoveries of remains of meals and coprolites — fossilized human feces — in Monte Verde, Chile and in Oregon, USA that may offer the earliest evidence of humans in the Americas, dating to about 14,000 years ago.

The book 'A World Deceived' clearly explains the mystery of God's Creation in the chapter The Mystery of God Revealed. It also explains who Adam & Eve were and where they lived at 4000 BC, in an area presently called Baghdad.

It confirms that they were not the first man and woman that lived on this earth as most people have been conditioned to believe.

The above findings by researchers and scientists also confirm that the flood during the days of Noah at approximately 2349 BC was a local event and did not engulf the whole world as many believe.

For a better understanding concerning the mystery of Adam & Eve and the Patriarchs, including Noah, we encourage you to read the article entitled: Who is God and who is Satan?, listed on this web site.

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