Homosexuality and Same-Sex Marriage

Sixty years ago my grandparents never heard of homosexuality and it was only late in life that my parents heard of the subject. I was twenty one years of age myself when I was first informed of this unnatural behavior by a family member. The issue has now reached a whole new level of diversion and deception, where homosexual couples enter into a union and they even call it 'marriage'.

What has happened in such a short period of time where all the foundations of this world are obviously out of its course and things have become so distorted? We invite you to read the article Foundations Out of Course on this website.

The following is an excerpt from the article Julia Gillard ~ Prime Minister of Australia.

"We know that the days we live in are as they were in the days of Noah (Matthew 24:37-39). In his days people were un-repenting and only few believed in Noah's message of repentance. As ministers and soldiers of Christ our challenges are very similar and the choices that people are called to make are no different today as they have always been.

Noah was 950 years of age when he died in 1994 BC and that was only four thousand years ago (Genesis 9:29). For more of this mystery and the genealogies of the Patriarchs from Adam to Noah we invite you to read the article Who is God and who is Satan?

Sexual perversion contributed to God's wrath on the sons of God during the days of Noah and it is no different today (Matthew 3:7; Luke 3:7; 1 Thess. 1:10).

On June 15, 2005, we wrote the Legislative Committee on Bill-C38, a bill which eventually passed and Canada became the fourth country in the world to legalize same-sex marriage. Receipt of our correspondence was never acknowledged, neither was our voice ever allowed to be heard. One thing we know with certainty, that God's judgment accelerated rapidly, since same-sex marriage was allowed in so many countries, and it is only a matter of time before it becomes an acceptable practice in most countries throughout the world.

Can't the law makers of the nations even understand and recognize that the anatomy of the male and female body was created for the sole purpose of procreation? For this reason God created them male and female (Genesis 2:25; Matthew 19:5). Through his own free will mankind concocted the idea of homosexuality for his own pleasures as God has given them up to such vile affections (Romans 1:24-32; Jude 10). Consider the problem of pedophilia and the sexual perversion of priests and ministers, in which children are preferred as sexual objects. There are many other forms of sexual perversion that we will not even mention. It is all an abomination in God's eyes as this whole world lieth in wickedness (1 John 5:19). One thing is clear that even the animal kingdom knows the difference and their behavior towards their own gender and the younger ones can be considered more respectful than that of mankind."

To show mankind what impact the issue of Homosexuality and Same-Sex Marriage  has had on society, we have added the article CNN Belief Blog ~ Sign of the Times to this website.

Our website was designed to show mankind how and by whom they have been deceived as confirmed by the Word of God in Revelation 12:9 and we invite you to read all the pages and articles, so that you may come to know the ways of the true and living God.

Seek, and ye shall find (Matthew 7:7).

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