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Clash of Civilizations

During a recent press conference President Barack Obama declared that the world is changing and most people throughout the world will attest that this in fact is true.

We have attempted to give mankind a better understanding of recent world events in the article World History and Developments in the Middle East listed on this website.

The 'Clash of Civilizations' was a theory first proposed in 1993 by political scientist Samuel P. Huntington, that people's cultural and religious identities will be the primary source of conflict in the post- Cold War world.

Huntington's theory was based on historical events, some of those that can now be seen with the uprisings and political unrest in the Middle East. This article is intended to show the spiritual context of the above subject matter.

In our article World History and Developments in the Middle East we spoke of the Islamic Conquest which is now clearly documented on the website

Since the website was founded in 1996, has earned a reputation for being the foremost Islamic political and ideological website in the English language. On the website they claim that is dedicated to articulating the case for Islam as an ideology that provides solutions for all human problems and all human relationships. It is their belief that Islam must be understood ideologically that deals with individual and social problems.

Their website further records the following.

"At the forefront of the call of Islam (Da'wah) today is the case of presenting Islam as a challenge to the current chaos, inequality, despotism and international disorder – all a consequence of Western liberalism (Capitalism).

Since the 3rd March 1924, the Khilafah State was destroyed, marking the end of an illustrious era of Islamic rule. Since then, the dark shadow of the West has engulfed the world. We assert, they say, that without compromise, that it is only by the establishment of the Khilafah State, that the practical solutions of Islam can once again provide a real alternative for the entire world. The 'Clash of Civilizations' first discussed by Samuel Huntington is real and inevitable. We endorse the notion that there is a civilizational difference between Islam and the West and that the problem for the West is Islam and the problem for Islam is the West. By arguing this, we also maintain that Islam, as a universal ideology, came for all of humankind, Muslim and Non-Muslims, and as such it is only Islam that serves as a Rahma (mercy) for all mankind. As the western ideology dominates the world today, the only challenge to it must come from Islam.

We write to inform, inspire and create a movement for true intellectual revival. We ask Allah (swt) to accept our efforts and mark it as part of the contribution towards re-establishment of His (swt) deen (an Arabic term for 'way of life')."

The above abbreviation 'swt' means 'Glory to Him, the Exalted'.

As recorded above it should be noted that the editorial team of the website confirmed that the 'Clash of Civilizations' first discussed by Samuel Huntington is real and inevitable. History will prove that they were correct. Then the big question remains: How come the Islamic community understands the path of history but the rest of the world still has their heads buried in the sand? For the answer we invite you to read all of the information provided on this website.

The Book of Revelation contains the last Words of God to the believers as spoken through the apostle John, who recorded them, while he was imprisoned by the Roman Emperor Domitian on the island of Patmos (Western Turkey). In the book of Revelation the Apostle John also spoke of a 'Clash of Civilizations' that he recorded two thousand years ago.

His words were inspired and revealed to him by the Spirit of God and speak of the past, present and the future, using spiritual language that can only be understood by the believers as they are spiritually discerned (1 Cor. 2:14). .

In order to be able to understand the Word of God and the Words as recorded by the Apostle John in the book of Revelation, we invite you to read all the pages and articles of this website.

To better understand how this whole world has been deceived through false and man-made doctrines, we invite you to read the article Can Christianity or Any Other Religion Save You? listed on this website.

Through the Baptism of Repentance (Mark 1:4) you will also come to know that there is no other name, other than the Name of Jesus Christ, that mankind can be saved (Acts 4:10-12).

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