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Parable of the Travelers

Behold, there were two travelers who were called to journey to a far-away land. Now, before they departed for their journey they were handed a set of instructions they had to follow, in order to arrive safely at its destination. For example: they were directed to leave everything behind and not to worry about any provisions along the way.

When the day came for their departure they still had many questions but were informed that all of their questions and the mysteries concerning their journey would be revealed along the way.

While on their journey, there were many that questioned where they were going and some even asked to join them as they were curious about its final destination.

The travelers handed them the same instructions that they were given at the beginning of their journey. However, soon after joining them they became tired and weary and became confused as they were not familiar with the route they were traveling, while at the same time encountering many obstacles.

For most people the journey became too much of a burden and after a while they decided to go back to where they came from and where things were more convenient.

There were also others who desired to join on the journey. They had heard so much about the final destination but had been convinced by others that they could travel a different route and still arrive at the same destination, while in truth there is only one safe route.

Then there were the informers who wanted to find out whatever they could about the journey the travelers were taking but were never able to really understand the deep hidden mysteries.

Some journeyed along the same route with the travelers for many years but were also assured by others along the way, that they were on the wrong route and eventually they traveled back to the same place they had come from. However, upon their arrival they found their own house in more disarray than what they had left behind.

So, the travelers, who had been called on the journey, continue to travel on the only safe route, while others continue to inquire of their destination. They still continue to pass along the same instructions that they were handed when they started, and inform all those that want to join what they have learned about the route they travel and advise them that it is a narrow road that only few are able to find: for many are called but few are chosen.

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