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The Abomination of Desolation

From the book 'A World Deceived'

The abomination of desolation referred to in the Bible signifies a particular false sacrifice. Of all the abominations that modern religions have introduced, the one that stands out as the abomination of desolation, as spoken of by Daniel the prophet and also spoken of in the Book of Revelation, is the Consecration instituted by the Roman Catholic Church.

Let us go back and retrace the mystery of this abomination (see article: 'The Mystery Babylon' on this web site). The Mass as a celebration was adopted in 349 AD and many other celebrations were adopted around the same time, for example, the veneration of angels and so-called dead saints, the worship of Mary, etc. Gradually, the Mass was developed as a sacrifice of Christ on the cross, and became obligatory in the eleventh century.

The dogma of transubstantiation was decreed by Pope Innocent III in 1215 AD. Please remember it is a man-made doctrine instituted more than a thousand years after Jesus Christ died. According to this doctrine, the priest miraculously changes wine into the blood of Christ and the communion wafer into the actual body of Christ, and these he then proceeds to drink and eat before the congregation.

Of all of the doctrines, traditions and customs in the world religions practiced today, this is the one most appalling to God. One cannot even describe how absurd and superstitious this celebration is, especially if one even considers the words that are being used.

When I was a young boy and being prepared for first communion, we were informed that the communion wafer could not be touched by your teeth or by your finger. As a young boy I used to break out into a sweat, when it used to stick to the roof of my mouth and I didn't know what to do.

Another abomination and absurdity is the "sacrament" of confession. Also, a man-made doctrine instituted by Pope Innocent III in 1215 AD. Sin is not an act as they have made you believe, but is the fruit of the natural spirit of mankind (see article: 'What is sin? on this web site). It is what continues to separate mankind from God.

People should know, if only by reading the history of the Inquisition, that the Roman Catholic Church had nothing to do with the teachings of Christ. The objective of the Inquisition was to gain world dominance by eliminating those that did not follow the doctrines of Rome. Only Satan would use force. God allows people to make a personal choice to repent and to turn from darkness to light and from the power of Satan unto God (Acts 26:18).

Another item that does not often come up for discussion is the subject of the creation of large Catholic families as a means to increase the numbers of the Catholic Church.

My mother has only recently opened this discussion since the death of my father a number of years ago. We always knew that there was a lot of pressure by the church to have large families but my mother told us that, if she was not pregnant within a year of the birth of a child, the local priest would visit. In a subtle way he would then ask when the next child was going to be born and if there was a problem.

It was also customary to give a donation to a visiting priest. In those days my dad was trying to raise a family from three acres of land and most of the time it was difficult to keep the family fed, especially during the years of WW II. Regardless of those circumstances, the visiting priest, after leaving my mom and dad with his subtle message about having more children, would not go away empty-handed.

When my mother talks about those times now, she looks back with disgust at how they used the power of the church to manipulate the people. Still, she cannot let go of the traditions she grew up with and continues to remain in bondage to the doctrines of the church as she, unfortunately, does not want to acknowledge what spirit she is of, as does the rest of my natural family.

Besides the nine children my mom had, she also told one of my sisters a few years ago that she also had two miscarriages. Most of my brothers and sisters are a year apart and where there was a two-year spread, was the time my mother had a miscarriage.

Another abomination is the claim by the pope that he is the vicar or direct representative of Christ. In the last 30 years, God has manifested Himself in many ways and clearly shown mankind what spirit they are of, through the many sex-abuse cases that have surfaced. Their own man-made doctrine of celibacy, which was decreed by Pope Hildebrand Gregory VII in 1079 AD, has also become a curse to them. Christ never imposed such rules and neither did the apostles. Peter was married and Paul states that bishops were to have one wife and could have children (1 Tim. 3:5,12; Matt. 8:14,15).

There has been a lot of debate during the last decade on the issue of abortion and birth control and what the position of the church is on that subject. Their discussion is all to no avail. The very nature of mankind is enmity with God and the very nature of mankind is sinful.

Sin is not an act as they try to make you believe. The very workings of mankind is sinful and sin is the fruit of every man, woman and child. For this reason they are called to repentance.

The claim by the papacy that it serves the Holy Office is a lie as it is not holy at all. It is a man-made office with no connection to God but to the spirit of this world and controlled by Satan (spirit of darkness). All other abominations I have already discussed in this book.

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