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The Virgin Birth and the Appearances of Mary

From the book 'A World Deceived'

The fact that Mary was a virgin when she conceived and became pregnant is another one of those mysteries that has been covered in the past but is now being revealed.

Every human is born through the sinful seed of his/her father and for this reason everyone that becomes Born of God needs to repent (change) from the spirit of darkness to the spirit of light and from the power of Satan unto God (Acts 26:18).

Jesus Christ (God in the flesh) came into this world, not through the sinful seed of Joseph but because Mary was chosen to bring Jesus Christ into the world by the power of God. Since the Spirit of His Father dwelt in Him intrinsically there was no need for Him to repent, as mankind must.

He could have ruled the world as He had power and authority over all things, but He came simply into this world as an example for others to follow. It was not the time yet to set up His Kingdom and it would allow an opportunity for others to be saved.

If his mother Mary died in Christ (only God is the judge), she went to sleep as is the case with all other believers. All those that belong to Christ will rise with Him dressed with a new body (first resurrection), when Christ returns.

As explained earlier in the Mystery Babylon, the worshipping of saints and the Virgin Mary was derived from many of the Babylonian rites and practices. Anyone with a little knowledge of God and the Bible would know that every imagined appearance of Mary in places like Lourdes, Fatima or elsewhere is a lie. This was made possible by the high-minded thinking of children, in most cases stirred up by the parents and the church. It is simply the imagination of the human mind.

It is very similar to the deception that, as the youngest boy of a family of nine, I should become a priest and attend the seminary. It was only the imagination, the high-minded thinking of my parents and the many years of conditioning of their minds (through religion) that instilled that belief.

The claim that people have been healed from their illnesses or diseases while visiting those so-called holy shrines in Lourdes and Fatima is a false claim and is an abomination in the eyes of God. People do not have to go to Lourdes or Fatima to leave their crutches. They can simply put them away at home and it would have the same result.

The human mind is a powerful weapon and it is what the devil uses to keep every man, woman and child in his power and separated from God. This is why the Bible teaches us to turn ourselves daily to the true and living God for repentance and the renewing and transformation of our minds.

Another absurdity is the proclamation by Pope Pius IX, in 1845 AD, that Mary was born without original sin. Only Jesus Christ was conceived by the power of God. Mary, like all of mankind, was conceived through the sinful seed of her natural father and by nature she was born in sin.

Many people still follow a custom of the burning of candles in front of statues and/or different images of the Lady of Fatima, Lourdes, Guadalupe or others. The main purpose for following this tradition is in the hope that people can win favors for the dead or even for themselves. This also is an abomination as Jesus Christ is the only intercessor. The only way people can get to know Him is through repentance and to turn from darkness to light and from the power of Satan unto God (Acts 26:18). Through repentance their eyes will be opened and they will learn that through the traditions of mankind Satan has transformed himself into an angel of light and has people believe that he is God.

In most European countries there are literally dozens of cities and towns that have so-called Holy Shrines. Most countries have their own traditions and customs and Mexico is no exception. There, on December 12, they celebrate the feast of the "Lady of Guadalupe", also named the Virgin. The nation's devotion to the Virgin, also known as the "Queen of Mexico", has made the Basilica of Guadalupe the most visited so-called holy site after Mecca, receiving 13 to 14 million pilgrims annually.

But in Mexico, the Virgin is much more than a beloved patron saint. For many Mexicans she is also an important part of their identity, the symbolic "crux of the mestizo nation" that emerged from the Spanish conquest. According to legend, the dark-skinned Virgin (they even changed the color to their own liking), appeared to Juan Diego in 1531 and asked him, speaking in the Nahuatl language, to build a temple for her over a site where Aztecs worshipped Tonantzin, one of their deities.

In 2002, Pope John Paul canonized Juan Diego, making him the first Indian saint of the Americas (see Chapter 16 of this book on Sainthood by the Pope).

In Mexico alone there are 17 cities and towns that make a reference to the name of Guadalupe. Most Mexicans celebrate the Guadalupe feast day of December 12 in local processions and church festivities. In fact, there are processions most evenings leading up to the actual feast day. Some people will even go for miles on their knees carrying a statue and image of the "Lady" to the altar of their local churches, in order to find favor with her.

If you have ever traveled by bus through Mexico, you would have noticed that most buses display a crucifix of Jesus Christ or a picture of the Virgin. Bus drivers in Mexico are the worst and often described as the most radical drivers in the world (maniacs is a better word to describe some of them), but despite all this, the display of religious relics is supposed to protect them somehow. Similar beliefs can likewise be found in other countries throughout the world.

Most Mexicans also believe the Lady of Guadalupe to be an intercessor to God. Now we not only have the Virgin Mary but the Lady of Guadalupe, the Lady of Fatima (my mother's favorite), the Lady of Lourdes and I am sure there are many others that I have not even heard of. It seems that these days just about every country has its own Queen of Heaven.

The tradition of worshipping the Queen of Heaven, by the way, was observed by many cultures during Old Testament times and before the Virgin Mary was ever heard of. Throughout the history of mankind, nothing has been more convincing than the traditions and doctrines people have grown up with and have been conditioned by, especially children. The tradition of Santa Claus is a good example. Going to church falls into the same category.

Most of our attitudes and ideas are formed before we reach adulthood. Religious traditions and doctrines become so deep-rooted by then that nobody is even allowed to challenge the history or values of such traditions.

Traditions and customs are for most people a form of security blanket, which nobody is allowed to disturb. Religion has always been the most powerful stronghold of Satan through which he has exercised his force and power throughout this world (remember the Inquisition).

Mankind attempts to fulfill its psychological and emotional needs through it. Throughout the history of mankind, religion has had the power to overthrow whole governments and has created more world conflicts than any other issue. It is continuing to do so today in all corners of the world.

All of the appearances by the Virgin Mary and the view that she is an intercessor to God is superstitious absurdity. As mentioned earlier, there is only one way to the Father and that is through the Lord Jesus Christ. The Bible makes this very clear. The devil has tried to convince mankind of every imaginable way but there is still only the one way.

Col 2:8

Beware lest any man spoil you through philosophy and vain deceit,

after the tradition of men, after the rudiments of the world, and not

after Christ.

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