Emergency Management Strategy by the Government of Canada

Ralph Goodale is Canada's Minister of Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness. The following is our response to his signed correspondence, which was received by us via email on October 6, 2017 and is self-explanatory.

From: Andy G. van den Berg
Sent: Saturday, October 7, 2017 8:31 AM
To: Ralph Goodale
Cc: Justin Trudeau ; Geoff Regan ; Jody Wilson-Raybould ; Stephen McNeil ; Steve Murphy ; Trent McGrath ; Andy LeBlanc ; Andrew Chang ; Rosemary Barton ; Adrienne Arsenault ; Andrew Lundy ; Stephen Meurice ; Gary Pruitt ; Kenneth Dale ; Brian Carovillano ; John DeMont ; Jim Vibert ; Sarah Dennis ; Mark Lever ; Gary C. Burrill ; Jonathan Dean ; Thomas Trappenberg ; Jamie Baillie ; Dan Leger ; Gail Lethbridge ; Bogdan Kipling ; Ralph Surette ; Jim Meek ; Graham Steele ; Bill Black ; Rachel Brighton ; Arthur B. McDonald ; Darren Steeves ; Bill Howatt ; Jesse Adams ; Richard Florizone ; John Ross ; David Zitner ; Stan Kutcher ; Rudolf Uher ; Starr Dobson ; Ginette Petitpas Taylor ; Randy Delorey ; Michael J. Savage ; Jesse Rogers ; Ron Hanlon ; Patrick Sullivan

Subject: GDL 012524 - Emergency Management Strategy


Thank you for your reply in response to the information on the BC Wildfires we provided to you on July 11, 2017.

Your response was a self-congratulatory (pat on the back) message, similar to Donald Trump’s response when he uses the words ‘incredible, fantastic, great, etc.’ to describe his Government’s response to the disasters in Texas, Florida, the Caribbean and the tragedy in Las Vegas. For a better understanding of these events we invite you to read ‘Hurricane Harvey and Catastrophic Flooding in Texas, USA’, ‘Hurricane Irma and Catastrophic Trail of Destruction’ and ‘Donald Trump: One Nation under One God’ listed on the Current Events page of our website

Also, please find below a copy of our communication to the FBI to further explain our earlier communication to them and the tragedy in Las Vegas.

In your response you wrote: “In addition, the Government of Canada recognizes that disasters are increasing in frequency and magnitude due to factors such as climate change, increased urbanization, and critical infrastructure dependencies. When disasters strike, the impacts can quickly transcend jurisdictions. In recognition of these factors, federal, provincial, and territorial governments are working together to develop an Emergency Management Strategy for Canada. The Strategy will help Canadians and governments better predict, prepare for, and respond to emergencies.”

Your recognition that disasters are increasing in frequency and magnitude is correct but your analysis of the causes is ‘natural’ while the reasons are ‘spiritual’, and is the reason we wrote to you in the first place, but unfortunately that aspect was totally ignored.

The efforts to develop an Emergency Management Strategy for Canada that will help Canadians and governments better predict, prepare for, and respond to emergencies will be a waste of time and resources. The future will confirm that our message is according to the Spirit of truth (John 14:17) and invite you into dialogue, similar to our invitation to the Executive Staff of the FBI and Donald Trump (see below).

Our website was visited last month by people from 113 Countries and as part of our expanding testimony, to show people how and by whom they have been deceived,  a copy of this email will be posted on the Current Events page of our website under the title ‘Emergency Management Strategy by the Government of Canada'.

We look forward to your reply.

Seek, and ye shall find (Matthew 7:7).

Andy & Dianne van den Berg –

From: Andy G. van den Berg
Sent: Thursday, October 5, 2017 7:55 PM
To: Mark F. Giuliano
Cc: FBI Officals, Mayor of Chicago, Donald Trump, the Prime Minister of Canada,
David M. Eagleman ; Sean Judge ; Chris Cuomo ; Andrew Morse ; Meredith Artley ; Jake Tapper ; Brian Stelter ; Alex Wellen ; Daniel Burke ; John Blake ; Christiane M. Amanpour ; Publishers and Editors of the Review Journal and Las Vegas Sun.
Media Contacts at Bell Media/CTV News, the Washington Post, the New York Times, The Chronicle Herald, The Canadian Press, the Associated Press and others.

Subject: The Mind of Stephen Paddock


After observing an article on the CNN Website entitled ‘The Mystery of the Stephen Paddock’s brain’ by David Eagleman, Professor of Neuroscience at Stanford University, we decided to write you and explain that the human mind is no Mystery at all. The wisdom expressed by David Eagleman is after the wisdom of this world and not after God (1 Cor. 2:4-7) and doesn’t bring CNN any closer to try to understand the recent tragedy in Las Vegas. University Professors, Psychologists and Psychiatrists will also not be able to provide any answers.

Since every person (including yourself) is born through the sinful seed of their natural fathers (1 Peter 1:23), they are conditioned therein and controlled by the principalities, powers and the rulers of darkness (Eph. 6:12). We invite you to read the most recent entry ‘Donald Trump: One Nation under One God’ listed on the Current Events page of our website as it puts the recent events in Las Vegas in a ‘spiritual perspective’.

As a result of your spiritual blindness and separation from God it is our hope that you will come to understand what it means to Repent and what it means to be transformed and to be converted from darkness to light (Acts 26:18). It is the only way that you will learn what spirit you are of and what drove Stephen Paddock to go on a shooting rampage (Luke 9:55). When your eyes are opened you will be able to provide answers to all social issues. He that is spiritual judgeth (discerneth) all things, yet he himself is judged of no man (1 Cor. 2:15). News Reporters described Stephen Paddock as a ‘madman’, but they do not realize that spiritually they are controlled by the same spirit of darkness, and unless they repent they will likewise perish (Luke 13:3,5).

The key in the process of repentance is the human mind and for this reason the believers offer themselves daily as a living sacrifice for the transformation and the renewal of their minds (Romans 12:1,2). With the body we serve the law of sin, but with the mind we serve the law of God (Romans 7:25). Being controlled by the spirit of darkness (or referred to as the devil), every person is subject to the powers of darkness.

We are living at a time of God’s judgment and we did communicate our message about the times we live in to the former Director of the FBI. You can learn more by reading the article ‘Terrorism, Violence and the FBI’ listed on our website. Stephen Paddock was driven by the powers of darkness and it could have been anyone. David Eagleman in his article spoke of an autopsy and perhaps a tumor that may have been the cause. This has nothing to do with a brain tumor. Consider how many people are diagnosed with a brain tumor every day.

You will witness much bigger tragedies than the recent events in Las Vegas and that is reality. You will no longer be able to ignore them. How can you put an end to the increased violence? Mankind cannot and does not have the power to do so, but God does. We direct you now to Chapter 4 of the Book of Jonah.

Jonah was the son of Amittai, and he appears in 2 Kings (14:25), as a prophet from Gath Hepher, a few miles north of Nazareth. He is therein described as being active during the reign of the second King Jeroboam (c.786–746 BCE), and as predicting that Jeroboam will recover certain lost territories.

Jonah is the central character in the Book of Jonah. Commanded by God to go to the city of Nineveh to prophesy against it "for their great wickedness is come up before me."

Nineveh was an ancient Assyrian city of Upper Mesopotamia, located on the outskirts of Mosul in modern-day northern Iraq. It is located on the eastern bank of the Tigris River, and was the capital of the Neo-Assyrian Empire. It is also a common name for the half of Mosul which lies on the eastern bank of the Tigris in the modern day.

It was the largest city in the world for some fifty years until the year 612 BC when, after a bitter period of civil war in Assyria, it was sacked by a coalition of its former subject peoples, the Babylonians, Medes, Chaldeans, Persians, Scythians and Cimmerians. Its ruins are across the river from the modern-day major city of Mosul, in the Ninawa Governorate of Iraq.

We would like to discuss a proclamation/declaration/decree to be issued by the Government of your country, that we know God will honor. See, God listens where just two or three are gathered in His name (Matthew 18:19,20). The biggest mistake James Comey, your former Director made, was to ignore our voice and ignore our invitation to meet with him. Your former acting Director Andrew McCabe and the new Director Christopher Wray are currently hiding behind their secret email addresses, but we remain hopeful that they will listen.

We have all witnessed the recent destruction in Texas, Florida, the Caribbean and Las Vegas, while your President is still gloating about the fantastic job everybody is doing in the recovery, which for some will never come. Perhaps it is time for Donald Trump to consider an ounce of prevention, rather than spending billions of dollars.

We do hope that you will share our communication with him and your superiors, and look forward to hearing from you for the purpose of arranging a meeting.

Seek, and ye shall find (Matthew 7:7).

In His Service.

Andy & Dianne van den Berg –

P.S. Since we wrote the above email there is more destruction expected to the coastline of the Southern USA by Hurricane Nate.

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