Huge Turnout for Marijuana in Colorado

Crowds were serenaded by live music as they waited for the nation's first legal recreational pot shops to open. Tourists came as far away as Maine, some even rode around in a limo, eager to try weed. When the sales began, those who bought the drug emerged from the stores, receipts held high, to cheers. A musician who played folk tunes for those in line told a local reporter that he was going to frame the receipt when he got home. One shopper travelled all the way from Virginia, to be among the first to buy legal pot. It has been reported that they have already started to market the use of marijuana in food and drinks.

One limo operator had ten clients waiting, who paid $295 for three hours of chauffeuring by a "marijuana concierge" who would help them choose strains and edible pot products. The limo operator said that he is booked for the next two months.

Washington state has already indicated that they will open a pot industry later this year.

Throughout the history of mankind the decline and fall of world powers has had a similar fate and the reasons for their downfall has always been the same as history continues to repeat itself.

We invite you to read the article 'The Decline and Fall of a Divided Nation' listed on this website.

As the voice of this world, the Media embraces everything that is immoral, corrupt and anything that degenerates the value system of the Nations. Their reports on Sexual Abuse in the Churches and Political Scandals are a good example, without willing to explain the real cause of the issues and the reasons for the deterioration of society.

Consider how the media in the USA went all the way to Canada to popularize and raise up Toronto Mayor Rob Ford after he admitted to smoking crack "in a drunken stupor." Almost every day they reported on his erratic behaviour and exploits, while they refuse to mention anything that promotes goodness and decency, including God's message of repentance. Canada's Senior journalists even selected the booze-addled mayor as newsmaker of the year for 2013, thus confirming that you reap what you sow!

Recently a US paper asked people to imagine American life in 2050. Whether they foresee runaway technology or runaway government, rampant poverty or vanishing morality, a majority of Americans predict a future worse than today.

The moral value system of the nations will further deteriorate with the legalization of marijuana. Like Same-Sex Marriage it will start out being legalized in one state and then eventually other states will follow. The legalization will also be considered by other countries as it already is by some. For a better understanding we invite you to read the item 'Homosexuality and Same-Sex Marriage' listed on the Current Events page of this website.

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