Institution of Marriage and a World in crisis

Since the days of the fall from grace by Adam & Eve, the Institution of Marriage has formed the very foundation of society.

For centuries, it was through the family unit that traditions and values were passed on from generation to generation.

Marriage as we have known it as a commitment between a man and a woman, has slowly deteriorated to the point that most young people no longer consider marriage as a necessary commitment that has any value.

Most countries have now even introduced laws to facilitate common-law relationships and same-sex marriages.

A large percentage of children today grow up in single-parent families and men and women are separating at an alarming rate. Most children have become immune to the division that exists in many families as fathers and mothers live separated from each other and often with another partner.

About 16% of children world-wide live in a single-parent household. In the United States of America the rate of single parent-families was at 9% in 1960. In 2011 and depending on the State they live in, children in a single-parent family runs from 21% to 47%.

A 2011 census in Canada showed that the number of married couples declined outright by 132,715 over the past decade, while single-parent families increased by 8% compared with 2006. This is just a period of five years.

There is no doubt that the Institution of Marriage as we have known it is in crisis and is only one aspect but one of the major reasons of the deteriorating and declining moral value system of this present world. The impact it has on society and the way of life for most people, especially the children, is immeasurable.

Besides the moral bankruptcy that has engulfed most nations, the ever increasing costs in Health-Care Services and other infrastructures are also contributing to the deficits and the fiscal ruin of many countries.

Just this morning we learned that Barack Obama as the 44th President of the United States of America, has borrowed more money to pay for entitlement programs, e.g. Food Stamps, Stimulus Programs, Unemployment Insurance, Veteran Benefits, Medicaid, Medicare, etc., etc. than all previous presidents combined. For this reason many economists are already predicting a collapse of world-wide economies, which is also often associated with increased tensions among nations and between world-powers.

The cumulative deficit of his first four years in office was 5.2 trillion. Most people would consider that 'madness', while the people of his country voted him in for another term. It is inevitable therefore that the principalities and powers of this world (Eph. 6:12) have placed this present world on a course according to the people's own wishes and desires (John 3:19).

As a result of their spiritual blindness, most of the developments described above continue to be disregarded by religious leaders, politicians and the media, as God's judgment and His message of repentance continues to be ignored.

For a better understanding we invite you to read all the pages and articles of this website, especially the article 'Repent',  that you may learn what steps every person needs to take in order to be reunited with the true and living God.

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